Wednesday, September 16, 2009

關於扁案判決的外電報導 (updated)

最近挺忙的,沒有太多時間. 只好整理一下各家寫手的連結如下

由扁案看台灣司法進步或退步? 你相信哪一個媒體? (比較各家報導,強烈推薦!)

Chen case testing Taiwan's democracy: analysts 陳案正在測試台灣的民主 (AFP報導,提供的是中英對照)

洛杉機時報:扁案判決,很難讓人相信這裡面沒有政治動機 (這聯結也是有中英對照)

最後是華爾街日報的報導: 中譯在此. 還有批評討論WSJ報導有失公允的文章. 值得一讀

Trying Taiwan
Chen Shui-bian's jailing is a pivotal moment for the country. (WSJ)

Former President Chen Shui-bian's conviction Friday of stealing three million dollars from state coffers and accepting bribes worth several times that amount was a shock to Taiwan. The question now is how well the island's political and judicial systems will withstand this verdict.
Taiwan has been a democracy for a mere 14 years, and when Mr. Chen was elected in 2000 he was the first opposition leader to win power after five decades of Kuomintang rule. Now he is the first head of state to be found guilty of corruption (though he says he is innocent and is appealing the verdict). Both of those firsts are, in their own ways, testaments to Taiwan's political maturation.

That's not to say that Mr. Chen's trial was without controversy. His supporters are inflamed by allegations of judicial bias and prosecutorial overreach during the trial, and protests flared up over the weekend. Chief among their grievances are the facts that Mr. Chen was held incommunicado for more than a month (legal under Taiwanese law) and that the initial presiding judge hearing the case was replaced by an unusual, but valid court procedure (Mr. Chen's case was merged with his wife's case).


再來是經濟學人的報導: The trail of Ah-Bian. 經濟學人認為此案程序不正義讓台灣司法蒙羞(Bringing Taiwan’s former president to trial is ground-breaking. A shame about the judicial flaws)
. 中文翻譯見此. , 推薦MJ的摘要整理

最後是孔傑榮(J. Cohen)寫的也提出類似的看法,意即扁案彰顯司法瑕疵(highlights shortcoming of a legal system in transition)

10/26/2009 updated
an interesting article to read--
Judicial independence: A tale of two countries (SG vs TW)

12/05/2009 updated
US academics decry unfair treatment in Chen trial

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