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IFJ譴責台灣警察攻擊紀錄片製作者 IFJ Condemns Police Attack on Documentary Maker in Taiwan

(原文在此)IFJ Condemns Police Attack on Documentary Maker in Taiwan


The International Federation of Journalists condemns a violent attack on an independent documentary film maker by police in Taipei yesterday.

According to the Association of Taiwan Journalists (ATJ), an IFJ affiliate, documentary film maker Chen Yu-ching was set upon by police after filming protests on November 4 at the Grand Hotel, Taipei, over the visit of a mainland China government envoy.

A group of police officers reportedly forced her into a police vehicle and detained her for over an hour at Yuanshan Precinct police station, after she refused to produce her identification.在她拒絕出示身分證件後, 一群警察強迫將其押進警車內並留置於圓山派出所超過一小時
The ATJ reports that Chen sustained heavy bruising in several places and was later examined in hospital to rule out serious injury.
台灣記協表示陳育青身上多處瘀傷, 赴醫院檢查後證實無大礙

The visit of the envoy from mainland China to meet with negotiators from Taiwan’s government has sparked protests at the Grand Hotel and elsewhere in Taipei, prompting a heavy police presence.
陳雲林來台後在圓山飯店與台北其他多處爆發衝突, 台北市警局也於多處重力部署警察.

Chen was reportedly visiting a friend in the vicinity when she saw the protesters and began filming. Chen said that many others were also taking photographs and filming.
據報導陳育青於附近拜訪友人時看到示威抗議而開始拍攝這些抗議的影片. 陳表示當時還有其他多人也在現場照相或攝影.

“This violent attack raises grave concerns for independent reporting in Taiwan,” said IFJ Asia-Pacific.國際記協對暴力攻擊表示憂心台灣的獨立報導.

“There can be no excuse for this kind of heavy-handed interference in reporting.””沒有任何藉口可以合理解釋這種暴力干預”國際記協表示

The IFJ joins the ATJ in condemning the police attack on Chen and demands an immediate investigation into this interference in Taiwan’s media.

For further information contact IFJ Asia-Pacific on +612 9333 0919
2008.11.04 圓山飯店 警察侵犯人權事件記錄 ◎陳育青 (這裡提到為什麼拒絕出示證件)
溫哥華太陽報對於近期馬政府的種種行為所做出的評論(中譯), Detentions in Taiwan spark fears of return to authoritarian approach(原文).

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