Thursday, April 16, 2009

克魯曼說簽ECFA是好事, 真的嗎?

兩三天前(台灣時間4/15時),我在咖啡館注意到這則新聞,一直按耐不寫, 因為找了一下發現聯合報沒報導,就算了(按: 我不看中時很久了,所以...).

時間: 2009/04/15 撰稿‧編輯:楊明娟 新聞引據:廣電媒體 (中國時報)

不過, 如果去看美國的原文, 卻發現是這樣的:

QUESTION: Thank you. Thank you, Professor. John Zang (ph) with CTI-TV of Taiwan. I have two questions for you. I have come from Washington for you for this occasion. Sir, you are going to Taiwan next month for a visit. People in Taiwan, a lot of them, will be looking to you for advice and probably for suggestions as to how best to come out of this economic abyss.

Second question: The government of President Ma Ying-jeou is thinking about signing or negotiating a baby FTA in the name of economic cooperative framework agreement. But the opposition party has concerns about possible jeopardy to Taiwan's sovereignty. What do you think about that? Thank you very much, sir, appreciate it.

MR. KRUGMAN: Okay. About the second, I don't really – unless I know – knew something more about it. I mean, there is – you know, free trade agreements, all – all such agreements do involve some sacrifice of national autonomy. They – we do this all the time. Now it's usually been a good thing. It sort of depends on what. I mean, there – so I can't really – can't really comment on that without knowing something more about it.

正確來講,克魯曼說的是簽署貿易協定通常是好事, 但也的確必須犧牲一些國家自主性. 但是, 對於ECFA, 他沒有太多了解因此無法評論.

結果, 簽署貿易協定通常是好事到了台灣媒體筆下就變成了--克魯曼說: 兩岸簽署ECFA是好事,而且還是一件應該做的事

像這種移花接木, 還有顛倒次序(如莎朗史東的報應說事件), 或是擅自竄改把有的說成無,把沒有的說成有(例如之前的選舉公投), 或是亂解讀英文, 在台灣特定媒體似乎都是常事. 甚至被抓包了還可以再編一個更大的或是更無俚頭的來掩藏錯誤(如毒奶事件對歐盟標準亂報), 就是死不認錯(說什麼"由於全球仍以英文為主要溝通語言,因此英國食品標準局網頁公布的訊息,常被視為具代表性。"----拜託英國的標準是英國,歐盟的標準是歐盟, 不要亂扯好咩).

希望不要繼白樂崎敎英文後, 又要被克魯曼經濟學家敎英文啊! 那可是更糗更丟臉ㄟ

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